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Archives for February, 2014

Facebook just turned 10 years old. Before that there was MySpace and before that there were blogs and forums. Before that there was some sort of steam-powered robot that wandered around recording our lives on wax cylinders – or so I’ve been told. But, in the grand scheme of things, Facebook and all Internet communication is very young. It took half a century for the invention of the printing…

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My year old son’s name is Sawyer.

Although often asked, he is not named after the slick-tongued con man on LOST.  He is named in honor of a couple that, besides my parents, was essential to my development as a Christ-following young man.

I grew up in Dyersburg, a rolling-hilled West Tennessee farm town. Those of us who went through our congregation’s youth group during the 90s experienced youth ministry as…

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Facebook now has over 1 billion active users who access the site at least once a month. Twitter has roughly a quarter of that. Like it or not, participate in it or not, social media is growing.

For many this has been a tremendous blessing. Churches and para-church ministries have been able to quickly, effectively and inexpensively get the…

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