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Archives for March, 2014

In the fall of 2007, the Lord began to do a fresh work in my family’s heart. My wife and I had been married for just a couple of years. We both loved our jobs, our church, and the community of people that God had raised up around us. Our first little house was constantly full of friends and family. We hosted Bible studies, cookouts, game nights, and frequent…

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            In the previous article, I wrote briefly about some of the passages which provide a framework for an intergenerational youth ministry. It’s not a new concept, but what is new is our many and varied opportunities to integrate our adults into our youth ministries. So let’s flex our creativity muscle and think about some ways to do just that.

The Hows

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a…

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In the previous article, I gave some vistas of the modern landscape of rank & file youth ministries, in hope of sparking some interest in doing things differently so we may achieve some different results. One of toughest things about about dealing with young people is that you may never see the fruit of the seeds you plant. But if the vast majority of crops wither within five…

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This article is the first of a new feature at Wineskins called “Ministry Highlight“. These articles will highlight some of the freshest approaches to ministry that we believe will be helpful to many of you out there who are asking and attempting to answer the most relevant questions of our day.

This article is by Duncan Campbell and is the first of three outlining his approach to transitioning youth…

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This winter has been colder than most.

Those who heat by electric or gas are probably seeing a big difference in their bills.

We see it in a mostly depleted fire wood shed because, we heat our house entirely by burning logs in a wood stove.

It puts out lots of heat, and some places like the balcony/ loft are extraordinarily warm.

But even though I said we heat our house with wood,…

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Note from the editor: I appreciate Jimmy and Les tackling this extremely difficult subject and sharing with us what they have learned about the dangers of pedophilia so that we can all take steps to protect those who are most precious to us and be more aware of what is going on around us. This is not an easy subject to discuss and there are some things said in…

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From time to time we will be giving away copies of books by those who are writing at Wineskins. Last week we gave away a book by Josh Graves & Chris Seidman “Heaven on Earth: Realizing the Good Life Now.” Today we are highlight Frank Viola’s work by giving away two books. The first is free to all and the second is a book giveaway. Both of these…

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Jacob wrestled with God…the Restoration Movement has wrestled with the Holy Spirit. Generally speaking, we have been a movement fond of absolutes. Traditionally and historically we have been a very logical and analytical movement that has put great emphasis on knowledge. Even though God is beyond our comprehension, we have still felt more comfortable with our understanding of God than we have with the Holy Spirit. We feel far…

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