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Archives for May, 2015

Our journey from creation to new creation is a sacramental one.

God’s good creation is saturated with divine presence, and the creation mediates moments of divine-human encounter. We recognize God’s beauty when we watch the sun rise, we hear a divine voice in thunderstorms, and we sense God’s presence in a cool breeze on a hot day. God is present to…

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Back in 1999, N.T. (Tom) Wright wrote The Meal Jesus Gave Us: Understanding Holy Communion. The book is scheduled for re-release in expanded form September 2015. It’s an excellent book written at a level suitable for study in a new member’s class. Appropriately, it’s…

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There is a part of what is most deeply important to us in Churches of Christ that goes against the grain of our typical analytical, left-brain culture. I am talking about two things that are very experiential…Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. These have tended to be two of our biggest non-negotiables in our churches and as such we have developed…

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