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Archives for July, 2017

Renewal in your church

New Testament scholar Dr. Kavin Rowe, along with Dr. L. Gregory Jones, recently released a small book entitled Thriving Communities: The Pattern of Church Life Then and Now.1 Utilizing his scholarly knowledge of Acts, Rowe offers some remarkable and convicting observations about the life of the early…

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It was the Sabbath day in a synagogue in Galilee. The crowd had gathered for worship as usual. Some Pharisees were there…they had been keeping tabs on Jesus for some time. Ever since Jesus had spoken “blasphemies” in forgiving a paralytic, they had been counting up their charges against Jesus. A few Sabbaths back they had caught Jesus and his…

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ACU Summit 2017 is pleased to welcome various distinguished speakers to campus.

Returning to campus is Landon Saunders, who will present “From Memory to Hope,” based on Deuteronomy 1:1-8 and 4:1-40, on Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. at University Church of Christ. Just as God’s history with Israel informed his promises for their future, God’s past mercy and faithfulness awaken our love and commitment today. Landon Saunders will…

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They exhibit hope, peace, and joy while teaching truth.

Their sermons, Bible classes, and ministries leave the listeners with hope. You never feel beat-up or discouraged when you leave because no matter the Scripture being taught, you’re always reminded that you are a child of the King. You are chosen, holy, and dearly loved. Healthy churches know how to step on toes without breaking the spirits of their people.


 They are great at loving…

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There’s a reason why Jesus told parables and not myths.

An example of a myth is “Beauty and the Beast.” In its simplest form, the story resolves all inherent problems. The tension of the drama concludes in the most ideal fashion. The beast is released from his beastliness and becomes a beautiful prince. Together with…

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One of the most admirable traits of the first Christians was their courage in the face of persecution and great difficulty. They were fearless. They knew what they believed and were willing to die for their beliefs. They faced ruling counsels, religious authorities, even Caesar himself and testified to the risen Lord. Their level of boldness and fearlessness was attractive to the world around them as they bore witness…

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