This month: Holy Spirit and the Church of Christ
Exploring the Heart of Restoration

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This year, Summit will offer two new and innovative experiences: the Global Refugee Medical Missions Experience and the inaugural Summit Film Festival.

The Refugee Experience will be a self-guided event during which participants can encounter a simulation of the sights and sounds of the refugee experience. Entering the refugee camp will lead to insights from Abilene refugees, a look at the typical day in the…

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ACU Summit 2017 is pleased to welcome various distinguished speakers to campus.

Returning to campus is Landon Saunders, who will present “From Memory to Hope,” based on Deuteronomy 1:1-8 and 4:1-40, on Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. at University Church of Christ. Just as God’s history with Israel informed his promises for their future, God’s past mercy and faithfulness awaken our love and commitment today. Landon Saunders will…

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Note from Matt: There have been some truly ambitious and much needed books written over the last year. We hope this post familiarizes you with some of the best content out there and highlights ACU Press’ & Summit’s role in providing quality content. Thanks to Alyssa Johnson for catching us up on what is out there!

ACU Summit 2017 is happy to partner with ACU Press, Leafwood…

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In the book of Deuteronomy, Israel’s choices are laid before them. They stand at a crossroads where they can choose death and destruction or life and prosperity. But what does it mean to truly choose life?

Like Israel, we also choose for ourselves whom we will serve. We can turn away and worship false gods or we can choose to follow the one…

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Every year since 1906, speakers, listeners, and students have come together in Abilene to hear the word of God proclaimed in what ACU Provost Dr. Robert Rhodes calls “perhaps the single event that best tells our story.” Summit at ACU is an event where Christians connect to hear the word of God preached, fellowship together, and work together to…

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