ACU Press at ACU Summit 2017

Note from Matt: There have been some truly ambitious and much needed books written over the last year. We hope this post familiarizes you with some of the best content out there and highlights ACU Press’ & Summit’s role in providing quality content. Thanks to Alyssa Johnson for catching us up on what is out there!

ACU Summit 2017 is happy to partner with ACU Press, Leafwood Publishers, to bring recently published authors to speak about their books. At ACU Summit 2017, you can attend a session based on your favorite new book and even purchase the book after hearing the author speak.

Authors Cathy Massecar and Deanna Koehl will present Winning Every Woman’s War: Defeating Temptations, a book that equips women with tools to identify and overcome common but subtle temptations like fear, disrespect, manipulation, and comparison. Julia Mateer’s book, Life-Giving Leadership: A Woman’s Toolbox for Leading, strives to help redefine women’s ministry and equip women who are actively involved in leadership. Dudley Chancey and Ron Bruner’s class, building upon themes drawn from their book, Owning Faith: Reimagining the Role of Church & Family, examines the ways older disciples can honor and nurture life-changing relationships of faith with today’s adolescents. These classes can help those involved in women’s ministry and those working with young people.

Phil Lewis and John Harrison look at leadership in Longevity in Leadership: Essential Qualities of Longtime Leaders. Their book is aimed to encourage leaders and prospective leaders to stay the course and lead effectively in the long run. Monte Cox looks at world religions in Significant Others: Understanding our Non-Christian Neighbors. Cox walks readers through different, non-Christian perspectives to show Christians ways to engage with their non-Christian neighbors. Josh Ross, one of this year’s theme speakers, will be sharing ideas from Re-entry: How Pain, Roots, and Rhythm Guide Us from Darkness to Light. His new book examines the ways in which re-entry into the kingdom is just as important as entry. Josh is the only author who will offer a formal book signing, which will be held immediately after his class. Don McLaughlin’s new book, Love First: Ending Hate Before It’s Too Late, will present an understandable, practical, and doable approach to loving others with such clarity and conviction that the world will truly know the God who loves us first. No matter your interests, ACU Press has an author and a book that can spark thoughts and action in your life.

Leafwood Publishers will be selling copies of these books in the Bible building. For a full and detailed listing of authors and books that will be featured, click here. Come by and take something home with you to read!

Ancient Scripture, Future Church: The Choices We Make and the God We Serve

In the book of Deuteronomy, Israel’s choices are laid before them. They stand at a crossroads where they can choose death and destruction or life and prosperity. But what does it mean to truly choose life?

Like Israel, we also choose for ourselves whom we will serve. We can turn away and worship false gods or we can choose to follow the one true God of forgiveness, mercy, and love. James K.A. Smith, author of You Are What You Love and one of our featured guests for this year’s ACU Summit, writes that this choice is “not magic. Nor is it merely intellectual. It’s a matter of re-forming our loves, re-narrativing our identities, re-habituating our virtue. And that is centered in the practices of the people of God gathered by the Spirit around Christ’s Word and the table.” This choice to follow is radical and life-changing, and we get to experience it together.

The book of Deuteronomy is more than a record of the past. It is vibrant, eternal counsel for living faithful Christian lives in our time. Interpreted in the light of the Gospel and fulfilled through Christ’s teaching, Deuteronomy continues to speak to believers today, offering redemptive wisdom for daily living. This divine instruction is not legalistic but a passionate call to heart-centered obedience. It is  a story of a living faith that will continue to inspire and teach our children and those who come after us. Contemporary themes from Deuteronomy show us the importance of trusting in the God of the Ages. And this we do by developing faithful habits of worship, doing justice to every single person, loving our neighbors with our whole hearts and practicing mercy.

ACU Summit 2017 will lead studies from this ancient text that will inform the future of the church, and the choices we make as we strive to serve God. We invite you to join us at ACU Summit 2017 from September 17-20. Attend classes that speak to your interests and congregational needs, listen to lessons from Deuteronomy, and partake in fellowship and conversation with others who have chosen to follow after God.

May we all choose life.

Come Experience Love for God and Neighbor at Summit

ACUSummitEvery year since 1906, speakers, listeners, and students have come together in Abilene to hear the word of God proclaimed in what ACU Provost Dr. Robert Rhodes calls “perhaps the single event that best tells our story.” Summit at ACU is an event where Christians connect to hear the word of God preached, fellowship together, and work together to promote and spread the gospel. This year’s Summit, September 18-21, will continue the tradition under the theme “Love God, Love Your Neighbor: Living the Greatest Commandments.” We welcome you to the ACU campus to reflect upon what this means and to explore what truly loving God and neighbor should look like.

Jesus’ words, though centuries old, are still relevant. The Greatest Commandments are, theoretically, simple: Love God. Love your neighbor. Jesus says that “All the law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments” (Matthew 22:40, NIV), so until a firm foundation in loving both God and neighbor has been laid, the rest of the law cannot be perfected in our lives. Acting out these commandments, however, can be easier said than done, and at Summit we invite participants to explore practical ways to overcome barriers and truly give themselves over to loving God and our neighbors wholeheartedly.

During the week, you will have the opportunity to hear insightful speakers such as Jerry Taylor, Sara Barton, Jonathan Storment, and David McQueen. These speakers, among others, will focus on what it means to love God and neighbor, and in doing so will open our eyes to places in our own lives where we can love God more fully and serve our neighbors better. We extend a warm welcome to each of you to come explore with us at Abilene Christian University this September. Various class topics ensure that everyone can benefit from Summit. Additionally, we are introducing two all-day tracks, Formation and Medical Missions. Monday, the Formation track will feature guidance for the enhancement and cultivation of spiritual formation. On Tuesday, the Medical Missions track will allow you to listen to those who have served in medical missions, meet with organizations dedicated to global health, and learn about the unique opportunities that Christian medical missions provide. Summit will be full of speakers, classes, fellowship, and even performances, so be sure not to miss it.

Dr. Robert Rhodes believes Summit is an important event because “Alumni, faculty, staff, friends, and students gather from around the world to hear God’s word applied thoughtfully yet boldly to the issues of today. This year’s theme, “Love God, Love Your Neighbor: Living the Greatest Commandments” is uniquely relevant and timely. I invite you to join us on campus for this blessed time together.”

Come, experience Summit at ACU from September 18-21, and be blessed.