This month: 164 - Knowing Our Roots
Exploring the Heart of Restoration

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Andy Walker

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For years, I have endeavored to consult every lexicon, dictionary, and opinion about the term torah. The term is difficult to define for good reason. Sometimes torah is used for the first five books of what we call the Old Testament, or Pentateuch. Some define the writings from Genesis to Malachi as torah. Sometimes torah is a technical term for particular bodies of legal material that we…

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Martin Luther had problems with the Roman Catholic Church. He felt the church’s emphasis on works and rituals taught people to earn forgiveness and was suffocating the true gospel—which was all about God forgiving our sins by his mercy and love. Add to it, his angst against the church’s forgiveness scheme where a person could make a monetary contribution for a new church building and receive a pardon from…

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Freedom in Christ! Unfortunately many of us have experienced a restricted version of Paul’s idea that goes something like this…there is freedom in Christ as long as you believe the same things I do.

One issue where I have experienced a lack of freedom is the issue of inspiration of the Bible. I don’t have the space necessary to make a comprehensive case for what I am about…

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