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Carson Reed

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Abilene Christian University’s Siburt Institute for Church Ministry would like to invite you to ElderLink Dallas, a one day conference for church leaders on Saturday, March 3, 2018. We have some exciting new changes, including a move to a more central location within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and a more focused one day format. We are so grateful for the hospitality of Highland Oaks Church of Christ these past 15…

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Elders and Ministers: Working and Praying Together

Earlier this year, the Barna Group published a major report on the status of ministers.1 The report is full of great information, challenging insights and valuable data to help congregational leadership teams support and empower their ministers. One section focused…

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Renewal in your church

New Testament scholar Dr. Kavin Rowe, along with Dr. L. Gregory Jones, recently released a small book entitled Thriving Communities: The Pattern of Church Life Then and Now.1 Utilizing his scholarly knowledge of Acts, Rowe offers some remarkable and convicting observations about the life of the early…

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Emotional intelligence and leadership

In my frequent work with church leadership teams, I find that a constant challenge for ministers and elders is the way they address the relational dynamics that are constantly present in a congregation. When all is said and done, a critical component of leadership is how to relate to people!

One way to explore this critical aspect of leadership…

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Last month we explored leadership as relational work – shepherding to nurture emotional and spiritual well-being. This month we turn to another dimension of leadership: paying attention to God. In any group or organization, one of the critical aspects of leadership is asking the important questions, “Where are we headed?” and “What is our goal?” Such questions shape strategic thinking and mission.

However, as congregational leaders, the…

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Every year, Abilene Christian University’s Siburt Institute for Church Ministry provides an ongoing service by collecting compensation data from ministers in Churches of Christ and publishing the results electronically. The late Dr. Charles Siburt initiated the Ministers’ Salary Survey in 2004 as one of his many efforts to build congregations and their leaders.

We value your input! If you are currently…

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Nuremberg Funnel: Re-envisioning the work of leadership

In their newly published book Teaching and Christian Imagination, authors David I. Smith and Susan M. Felch present a common image that satirically exposes the limitations of mechanical knowledge acquisition.1 In Europe – particularly in Germany – the image is called the Nuremberg Funnel.

Imagine a funnel stuck into someone’s head. Through it, a teacher stuffs all manner of…

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Dimensions of leadership

The noted theologian Jürgen Moltmann remarked that in “every period the church has a duty to be clear about its commission, its situation and its goal.”1 These three things – mission, context and purpose – are very significant for congregational leaders. And each of these things can quickly and easily be lost in the rapidly changing world we inhabit.

Mission – The…

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As followers of Jesus we face the daily challenge of navigating faithful living in the context of cultural realities.  And those of us who are leaders in congregations are constantly confronted with creating a safe place to inspire, inform, and engage believers in important conversations about our faith and the world.  This reality has prompted the Siburt Institute at Abilene Christian University to give voice to that dilemma. …

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