This month: 179 - The Power of Prayer
Exploring the Heart of Restoration

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Eric Greer

Husband to Traci, father of Melanie and Rachel, a follower of the way, and lover of the great outdoors. Presently, I am called to plant a church in New England. I also do some teaching on the side in the Marriage & Family Therapy program for Eastern Nazarene College.


The aging Apostle Paul breathes in the damp air of the cell around him. It is pungent with body order and human waste. Whether imprisoned in Rome or Ephesus – I lean toward Ephesus1 – the conditions would have been equally distasteful. Still, Paul’s mind wanders not…

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In 2006, I was fortunate to spend a month in Minsk, Belarus where I taught at a small Bible college. Very few people spoke English in a nation still sequestered from the global community by political oppression and material scarcity. For that reason, I was pretty isolated during my time without…

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This is the first time I have ever written for Wineskins. For those of you who blog here frequently, my next statement may seem absurd. I feel like a rock star today. Yes, I know that’s crazy. It’s just that Wineskins was a part of my journey. A stack of…

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