This month: 162 - The Christian and Politics
Exploring the Heart of Restoration

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Falon Barton

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As our religious convictions become increasingly filtered through blue- or red-colored glasses, Christians in the United States seem to be more of a force for division than unity.

The problem isn’t the disagreement. The letters of the New Testament reflect that the church has been rife with disagreement since the ascension of Jesus. Paul and Priscilla, James and Junia — the early church leaders…

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Tony didn’t have any friends.

At eight years old, he didn’t know what it was like to play soccer or climb trees. In fact, he didn’t know how to relate to other kids at all. Except with his fists.

Tony was born with a hernia on his genitals that caused severe deformation. His parents couldn’t afford to dress him, so he…

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