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Exploring the Heart of Restoration

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They shove him out of the way and hiss, “Disappear!” Hurriedly they grab her by the arm, push the door open and make their way down the alley toward the temple, disrupting the dawn. Her weeping and their shouting can be heard from across the courtyard. The “legal custodians of conduct” toss her into the middle of the…

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How do established ministries and churches practice love and life beyond its traditional margins? It’s a great question with a multitude of possibilities.

From my point of view there is no better way than to give as much time to the culture you find yourself planted in as you give to the people you live in community with. Twenty years ago someone convinced me of…

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When I retired my world shrunk tremendously. No longer do I see the hundreds of daily interactions between people and groups of people. Now I dine with my wife daily and eat and talk with three male friends twice a week. My first thought is maybe I’m not the one to comment on racism. Yet, I’ve often written on subjects…

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