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Gary Holloway

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            We love in a culture of evaluation. From birth our height, weight, and developmental steps are monitored. In school we face standardized tests. One the job we have frequent evaluations. Constant self-improvement, from good to great to excellent, is our goal.

            As a recovering legalist, I find this cultural obsession with evaluation can even affect how I practice spiritual disciplines. Am I improving in prayer and meditation? Are my…

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If the Bible is the devotional book of Protestants, it was especially the sole devotional literature of the early Stone-Campbell Movement. The four founders—Thomas Campbell, Alexander Campbell, Walter Scott, and Barton W. Stone—all shared the typical piety of a Puritan and Presbyterian background as shaped by the Enlightenment emphasis on reason. For example, on the one hand Alexander Campbell could praise the Bible as a book of facts, but in his personal and…

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Moving Into God’s Future* Gary Holloway

What does the future hold for Churches of Christ? The way we frame the question is important. “What does the future hold?” sounds as if we are in the hands of an uncontrollable fate. Perhaps we should ask, “What direction should our churches follow in the future?” But that question places too much faith in our human ability to discern the right path. “What does…

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Did you know we had a World Convention?

For eighty-four years, God has worked through the World Convention to connect Christians, Disciples, and Churches of Christ globally every day. Stories of recent connections through the World Convention include:

• A Kenyan minister, greatly discouraged by his experiences with western missionaries found fellow believers in his country through the World Convention who encouraged…

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