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Les Ferguson, Jr.

Les Ferguson, Jr. has been preaching since he was fifteen. He holds a B.A. in Bible from Magnolia Bible College and an M.A. in New Testament Preaching from Johnson University. His college years were separated by a six-year stint in the U.S. Navy where he worked in electronics and missile fire control systems. A portion of his service time was spent in the Persian Gulf during the US operations known as Desert Shield, the precursor to Desert Storm. After his military service, he spent three years as a youth minister in Vicksburg, MS, three years as a preaching minister in Laurel, MS, and fourteen years as the senior minister and an elder in Gulfport, MS. He was heavily involved in Honduras mission work with Torch Missions. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he served as a point of contact and directed recovery work on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. After suffering a tragedy in the loss of his wife and handicapped son, Les stepped down from a full time preaching ministry. He has since married his childhood sweetheart, Becki. Together they are raising four boys, Conner (17), Michael (16), Max (13), and Casey (8). His oldest son, Kyle (28) is married and lives in Huntsville, AL. Les began working with the Lake Harbor Drive Church of Christ in Ridgeland, Mississippi as their Senior Minister in April 2014. Since the end of January 2013, Les has been writing a widely read blog, Desperately Wanting To Believe Again that explores faith, questions, doubt and pain from a Biblical/ real world perspective. He is currently writing a book while building a speaking career to encourage and help all who struggle with faith and doubt. You can also read him as a featured author for


This winter has been colder than most.

Those who heat by electric or gas are probably seeing a big difference in their bills.

We see it in a mostly depleted fire wood shed because, we heat our house entirely by burning logs in a wood stove.

It puts out lots of heat, and some places like the balcony/ loft are extraordinarily warm.

But even though I said we heat our house with wood,…

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In the past and in different venues, I have written about the people who have helped shape my faith.

In that regard, I have been extraordinarily blessed.

College and grad school offered amazing opportunities to learn from folks who were intellectual giants. Even today, all these years later I remain humbled by the ability and knowledge of many of these people.

Some of them I knew simply from a classroom setting… or…

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I have experienced way too much of that in my life.

Going to the dentist is painful and difficult when you have had mouth trauma over the years.

It is also financially painful.

At age 51, I (and my wallet) remain terrified of dentists and the work they do.


Because at age 15, I totaled a Volkswagon Beetle. In the process, I ate the steering wheel and knocked teeth out and tore gums…

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