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Exploring the Heart of Restoration

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Patrick A. Mead

Patrick Mead is the lead minister for the Fourth Avenue Church of Christ in Franklin, Tennessee. A scientist by education – he holds doctorates in psychology and psychoneuroimmunology – he comes to faith by a different path and looks at scripture with a different lens than that used by most ministers. Remaining active in his field, he works with various police agencies as well as federal and international law enforcement agencies as a trainer in ethics, leadership, and avoiding burnout or PTSD. He helps several churches a year restructure their leadership, vision, and programs to better match the world in which they find themselves. Several times a year, he teaches one or two day courses at various universities including The Ohio State University. Patrick has been married to the former Kami Taylor of Denver, Colorado for the last 35 years. They have two grown children and three very young grandchildren. Both of their children are very active in their churches. A confirmed introvert, Patrick rests and resets by reading two to four books a week, playing one of his guitars every day, and by rejoicing in the discipline of silence and solitude. Websites:


As far as I’m concerned, we need to pay more attention to the story of Moses. Most of us are quite aware of the facts of the story though we usually leave out some of the coolest parts (such as Moses single handedly taking on a bunch of nomadic raiders to save the pretty girls at the well) and rarely tell our kids he was a difficult man to…

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I find myself in another argument with God.

I wish He would be reasonable.

Some days I just don’t “get” it. Or Him. And I’m pretty sure He doesn’t “get” me on those days.

Oh, He “has” me and I know I’m saved and all that but…

My best friend is having surgery…


Fourth time, in fact. The cancer grew…

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I have a lot of guitars. I’m at that awkward stage – more than I need but less than I want. When people see them they often ask “Which one is your favorite?” The fact is that I have a different favorite for each kind of music I want to play. They all have their own voices and I seek out the voice I need for the song of…

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When we speak of restoring the New Testament church it immediately begs the question of what, exactly, that means. Another legitimate question arises at the same time: was it God’s intent to have a first century church in the twenty first century? Was God a God of patterns, as one famous book in our tribe argued at length a few decades ago? And if He does want something restored,…

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