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Scott Johnson

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I haven’t always been associated with the Churches of Christ. I didn’t know much about our roots or where we came from. I didn’t really care too much about our heritage until I heard Patrick Mead speak on it at a Campus Ministry conference.  When I was introduced to the Declaration and Address of the Campbells and The Last Will and Testament of the Springfield Presbytery, I…

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A Minister with Depression

I have depression.

I have for years. I’m told it’s a consequence of all the drugs that fried my brain and altered the chemicals whooshing around in there–I’m told. I go to a Psychiatrist. I have a counselor. I take antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication. In 2019 I will take 2,145 pills to battle my depression and anxiety. 

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Who are we, brothers and sisters?  Now, more than ever, the American Church needs to answer that question.  A cursory answer you might pose is, “We are the Church.”  You might say, “We are Christians.” The response might even be, “We’re God’s people.” While those are true, I’ll ask again.  Who are we?

One need only look around the assembly on Sunday to see that partisan politics have found a willing home within our congregations….

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There’s a lot of focus on things that are “wrong” with the church today.  You’ll find your social media feed or Inbox full of lists like, “Five Reasons Your Church Stinks!” or “Millennials Hate You and Here’s Why!” To be sure, there is much that can be helpful in these kinds of articles.  They often shed light on things we might not pay attention to.

I believe in the church. …

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I’ve spent a lot of my Christian life trying to “find” the Holy Spirit. I’ve tried many methods and read several books to help teach me how to “engage with” the Holy Spirit.  I now see how foolish that was.  I suppose it was more out of longing to be closer to God, but even longings can mislead a person.

In my walk with Christ I am learning something incredible…

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After a decade in full-time ministry I can say that I’m worn out. Some of you reading this chuckle and say, “Wait until forty years in, kid!”   Touché   After five years of Campus Ministry in Cincinnati, and five a Senior Minister, I’d like to think I know what I’m doing. Truth is, I have no…

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