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Sean is a minster, sought-after preacher, writer, and blogger. He is the Lead Minister at The Vine Church in Temple, TX, a contributor to The Voice Bible, and co-author of Agenda Music: A Conversation on Faith and Art. His writings have appeared in numerous magazines and publications. In 2012, Sean was profiled in Christian Standard Magazine's "40 Leaders Under 40" issue. He and his wife have two wonderful daughters who want their Daddy to give them a cat.


“This may be the first Bible a new believer owns.”

I sat stunned when I read these words just moments after I signed on to an incredibly refreshing Bible project called, The Voice Bible: Step Into the Story of Scripture. What had I done? Signed on to re-write the Bible? Well, kinda, sorta? What the what?

I know…

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“Well, I’ve found that prophesying is one of life’s less prophet-able occupations!” – Abraham Lincoln

The trouble with prophecy is that prophesying is so misunderstood. Think: When you hear “prophet,” what do you imagine? Regardless of biblical definitions, our most common imagination for prophets is women and men who see and read the future. They predict. Foresee. Anticipate. Then they tell.

In reality, that’s not the role of the…

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Church leaders have a hard time admitting their weaknesses.

I suppose everyone does. No one likes to have their vulnerabilities exposed and their misalignment with God uncovered. Church leaders, though, have a few distinct reasons:

1. Many people in the pew like the idea of a flawless pastor – or at least one whose flaws are minimal, like s/he overeats at potluck. 2. It helps with book deals and speaking…

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A year ago our congregation was visited by a family of five – wife, husband, and three kids. They looked like the kind of family every church secretly covets; good-looking, educated, well-ordered, and young. From all accounts they enjoyed our fellowship. They were already familiar with several members of our church and their energy was obvious. After three weeks, I felt confident they would join our congregation and mission.


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