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Steve Cunningham

God has blessed me with an amazing wife and 6 wonderful children (no, it's not a typo... and, no, I don't have a drinking problem... yet:). In addition, I have been humbled to be in various forms of church ministry fro almost 20 years. I have degrees in Psychology and Social Work and Master's in Pastoral Theology and Church Organization and Leadership. And, best of all, God is still working on me! I love the fact that God continues to redeem me and uses me to help others find redemption as well! What a humbling and awesome career!

Welcome to article 3 of a 6-part series titled “Leadership-Lessons From Blockbuster.”  Our goal in this series is to learn valuable lessons so that we can, as a church, avoid the mistakes that others have made.  If you are joining this conversation for the first time, you might want to follow the links to…

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If you are just joining me on this journey, I want to let you know that this is 6-part series which I have titled “Leadership-Lessons From Blockbuster.”  I know, it’s a weird title.  But I think you and I can see the value in learning lessons from others, especially lessons on how to avoid…

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I recently went to the movies with my wife and kids to watch ‘Aladdin.’  The theater was full of young families eager to snack on popcorn, sit back, and enjoy a fun (and nostalgic) movie.  After picking up a few bags of popcorn, some drinks and our tickets, I shelled out what seemed to…

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