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Exploring the Heart of Restoration

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What is the first word? What is the last word? What is the the only word that matters in the end? I have been wrestling with this question for a long time. It is a deep one?

The question is not only about a word that passes through our lips. The question covers deeds. The question asks, “what is the knee…

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Love. For the past six months we have been drinking deeply from the Epistles of 1-2 John in the rarefied air of the Rocky Mountains. The apostle wastes not an iota on trivia. The teaching that John stresses, in the starkest terms possible, is often barely acknowledged in Christian circles. The eternality of the Incarnation of Christ. The Cross. Love…

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Every year as I read through the Story of God, I come to the heart of the matter in the Gospels, Jesus. Jesus amazes me more every time I look at him. Fresh from the reading of the Hebrew Bible, there is much in the Gospels quite familiar. The infancy narratives remind us immediately of Sarah, Hannah, and even Judith.  The people constantly mumbling, testing and even rejecting Moses…

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I have come to believe two passages of Scripture, actually three, from the Hebrew Bible sum up the entire biblical faith both in terms of what/who is the object of our faith and what we are to do. These texts state what

1) we believe, the God Creed

2) we do, the Jesus Creed

God Creed is the Center

The God Creed is Exodus…

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I have defended the Christian freedom to celebrate Lent elsewhere so I will not do that here but Genesis 1.14-15 (TEV, NJB, etc) and Romans 14.5-6 are sufficient for people who accept the authority of Scripture.

In the Hebrew Bible, the people of God often recognized the Spiritual need to lament individually and corporately. So powerful was this urge that over half of the Psalms are lament.

Israel has a day…

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What do you suppose is the most unpopular teaching in the Bible? Depending on your theological tradition some might suggest that “repent and be baptized for the remission of your sins” is the most unpopular teaching. Another might say Jesus’s teaching on divorce is the most unpopular teaching in the Bible.  Someone else might say that a couple verses on women by Paul are the most unpopular teaching in…

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Paul said the ‘Old Testament’ is “from God and good for doctrinal instruction” and for “equipping the person of God” to every good work.

It is not an accident that Martin Luther referred to the Psalms as a miniature Bible. The Psalms represent the “essentials,” if you will, of what…

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It seems as if the heritage of the Stone-Campbell is forever in the throes of division. It is an odd and terrible truth to admit. You might think that for a tradition that claims to be a “people of the Book” that the very mention of division would be tantamount to heresy. The Gospel message itself is, after all, a…

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The Book of the Twelve consists of the rudely called “Minor Prophets.” I say rude because these small works contain some of the most challenging and profound things in the Bible. The canonical arrangement of our English Bible has the “Old Testament” ending with these books (Malachi) but the Hebrew Bible arrangement ends with Chronicles. Thus the Book opens with the heartbreaking love story of Hosea/Gomer and ends with…

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Over the last 20 years I have come to believe that Exodus 34.6-7 is perhaps one of, if not the, most important texts in the whole Bible. This is fascinating to me because growing up and going to church all of my life previously I can testify I never heard of it. And since encountering the text I can also testify that many many believers know…

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