This month: 179 - The Power of Prayer
Exploring the Heart of Restoration

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Bobby Valentine

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John Young, a doctoral candidate at the University of Alabama, has penned a small volume for use in a small group or Bible class setting titled Visions of Restoration: The History of the Churches of Christ (111 pgs). There are thirteen chapters, each followed…

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I did not realize what an intensely personal journey down memory lane it would be, as I opened Searching for the Pattern. Reading Searching was like watching a movie of my own quest somehow unfolding before my eyes.

Searching for the Pattern is divided up…

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Accused of Being a False Teacher

Recently a brother gave me a warning, it was out of love I am sure. “Watch false teachers that want to make the Church of Christ like Denominations.” The caps are his.

This was a well meaning brother. But…

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When modern disciples think of “the law,” or torah, we tend to think of complicated rules, regulations and arcane sentiments.  Many would probably express sentiments like the torah is the essence of legalism and ritualism.  What we modern disciples are likely not to think of is love, grace, joy, intimacy and prayer.


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A few years ago I found myself in a synagogue on the Sabbath. I watched in awe at the great care taken in bringing the Torah scroll to the podium. Then the scroll was unwrapped and rolled open, then God’s word was read in our hearing. Concluding the reading, the congregation…

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The heart of Christmas

Christmas. I am often reminded by some Christians that “we are never commanded to celebrate the birth of Jesus,” “Christmas has nothing to do with salvation,” or “Christmas is paganism and from Constantine.” These brothers or sisters are often well meaning though misinformed doctrinally and historically. (On the perpetual…

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Did your mom, perhaps your dad, sing to you as a child? You know, the songs while being rocked to sleep at night or while you were going down the road in the LTD station wagon? They are songs that never cease playing in our hearts and our minds.


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When I close my eyes and imagine the first Christmas, the one with Mary and Joseph, certain images come to my mind. I see the couple huddled in a stable. I see the baby in a manger surrounded by animals. I see wise men, shepherds, and a star. Since there is a star it is always dark, the middle of…

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The Bible is the Story of God. This morning I finished my journey “thru the Bible” for 2017, Genesis to Malachi; Tobit to 4 Maccabees; Matthew to Revelation. The Bible is the Story of God.

But that is not the whole “story.” The Bible is the story of God with the world, with creation. The world looms large in the biblical…

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I grew up in a fellowship that was incredibly conflicted during the Christmas holiday. We decorated our homes with trees with a star on top. We put nativity scenes up. We made cookies. We sang “Away in the Manger,” “What Child is This?,” and “Silent Night.” Then during the month of Christmas we had annual sermons on why we do not…

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