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If you have been in church any length of time and/or enjoy reading books by Christian authors, you have benefited from the fruit of private Christian Universities. Many of us take for granted that the preparation for the sermon on Sunday, the class on Wednesday and even the pastoral work during the week came out of years that the minister spent in graduate education.

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Anytime we attempt to blend Spirit and flesh the result is all flesh and no Spirit. What that combo produces is theological pornography. Theological pornography is when we put things in the guise of religiousity, righteousness, and biblicality but in reality it is base, crude, and appeals to our worst instincts.

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The present condition in Churches of Christ looks bleak. I have a three-part thesis as to how we got here. It’s more complicated than this, I know, but this informs what I think is (and isn’t) needed at this crucial juncture.

First, Churches of Christ thrived in the can-do era of post-World-War-2 America because we were the can-do church. With our simple, reproducible, rules-based system, we pulled ourselves up…

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If you don’t feel like going to church, then don’t go…for you.

Go for the struggling.

Go for the broken.

Go for those grieving the love of their lives.

Go for those raising children.

Go for those who…

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Vision: “The goals that an organization would like to achieve or accomplish in the future.” Vision is intended to serve as a clear guide for both current and future courses of action. 

A vision’s effectiveness, whether good or bad, depends on how it is brought together and executed. It is almost, if not completely, impossible for one person to cast a vision for a group. Above all, it…

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In this post-modern era where concepts like right, wrong, truth and justice are often defined by an individual’s own viewpoint rather than by a single standard of belief, the question arises as to how concepts such as Ultimate Authority, Sin, and Absolute Truth fit into the culture in which we find ourselves. Are Christianity and today’s culture…

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This past summer, our family got to visit Colorado National Monument.  At one of the visitor centers, a ranger talked about the different animals in the park and showed us a skull of a Bighorn Sheep.  He pointed out how the horns curved around the skull, but were broken off at the end.  The ranger described how the…

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There must be a lot of churches trying to determine if they met the 2020 vision goals they set however many years back.

Vision is difficult because it is hard to know how to find it and how to be sure you found the right one. How do we know God has directed us in the direction we choose vs other directions? How do…

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