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Archives for 173 – Making Disciple Makers

Why do we lead the way we do?  How does that impact disciple-making?

For Christian leaders to respond to the lack of discipleship/disciple-making in the Church (what Dallas Willard referred to as The Great Omission), we’ll need to think critically and carefully about our own leadership framework.  It may be helpful to consider…

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Discipleship and making disciples has had a bad wrap in many of our circles. The abuses of Crossroads are hard to forget, especially for those who went through the worst parts of those movements (extreme, non-mutual accountability; hierarchy, etc).

Some get suspicious just hearing the word discipleship.


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Regardless of claims to the contrary no one merely reads the Bible. The Bible is interpreted, by everyone. When Christians say that women do not have wear veils; we do not have to greet each other with a kiss; we do not have to lift up hands in prayer; women are not saved by…

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