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Archives for 139 – Hospitality in a Strange Land

Last month we explored leadership as relational work – shepherding to nurture emotional and spiritual well-being. This month we turn to another dimension of leadership: paying attention to God. In any group or organization, one of the critical aspects of leadership is asking the important questions, “Where are we headed?” and “What is our goal?” Such questions shape strategic thinking and mission.

However, as congregational leaders, the…

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Jim Woodell Director of John 3:17 Ministry Remmel Church Newport, AR 72112

Paul was the greatest of the Apostles.  That is if you judge him by the number of books bearing his name in the New Testament canon.  He was a champion of grace.  Several times he pointed out that, it is not works that saves you (Romans 11:6; Ephesians 2:8-9), but grace.  However, he also wrote that Christians ought to be about…

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What is it about our brokenness that demands buffers and barriers between us and God?  Throughout the Bible I see a God who seeks to interact with people in intimate and personal ways.  Not in “Special Places” but in a wine press, a ditch, in prisons, and in the workplace.   Yes, God provided forms of mediation, but those are for our needs not His limitations.

My sons are 11,9, and…

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“It’s not our ability that will make a difference in the lives of others. It’s our availability.” -Phil Sanders


I was blessed to spend a week in Mexico recently.  My group of seven from Western Kentucky joined with a group from the Sunset International Bible Institute’s Adventure in Missions program (my all-time…

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When Jesus told his disciples both that he was going away and that he would prepare a place for them so they could eventually come and abide with him (John 14:1-4) Jesus did not at that time tell them that the road to “going there” was the cross. He said that earlier (Matthew 10) but not in this moment otherwise Thomas wouldn’t have responded the way he did in…

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Gates, moats, and parapets are not ideal ambiance for hospitality. Most castles don’t have signs to the king’s chamber nor do they tell you where the gold and valuables are stored. In fact, many castles were designed to give the advantage to residents and put the newcomer ill at ease.

One of the tricks they used in building castles was to make the steps of varying heights throughout. Those familiar…

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I have defended the Christian freedom to celebrate Lent elsewhere so I will not do that here but Genesis 1.14-15 (TEV, NJB, etc) and Romans 14.5-6 are sufficient for people who accept the authority of Scripture.

In the Hebrew Bible, the people of God often recognized the Spiritual need to lament individually and corporately. So powerful was this urge that over half of the Psalms are lament.

Israel has a day…

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