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Archives for 111 – Jesus’ Plans for Churches of Christ

Moving Into God’s Future* Gary Holloway

What does the future hold for Churches of Christ? The way we frame the question is important. “What does the future hold?” sounds as if we are in the hands of an uncontrollable fate. Perhaps we should ask, “What direction should our churches follow in the future?” But that question places too much faith in our human ability to discern the right path. “What does…

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Churches are filled with broken people. I know that’s probably not a new revelation for anyone who has ever been a part of a church, but it’s a good place to start. In the past 20 years I have had the privilege to work with some broken people who I love very much, but honestly there are times when their brokenness causes difficulties in the family. Sometimes it’s a…

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I was asked recently where I thought the churches of Christ were headed. I started thinking about the issues that plague the Kingdom. We all have an opinion on gender equality, instrumental music, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (or not) and the general apathy that resides within our auditoriums but none of those came to mind first.

I sat at a stop light in Nashville a few weeks ago…

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If I could cast a single vision for the future of the Churches of Christ — a vision that I would want to be in God’s image, rather than mine! — I would want to see us focusing less on subtraction and division, and concentrating more on addition and multiplication.

I think we’ve spent the past couple of decades squandering too much of those precious years with navel-gazing and holy-moaning about how…

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I just love this song, although I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in a hymn book. The composer is unknown. I can only find credit being given to “traditional.” And we need to sing it. All of us.

It’s a song about humility and prayer — and faith in a living Jesus who is active and who transforms those who believe in him. It’s a song that assumes Jesus…

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