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One of the things I tried to tease apart in the survey we conducted was what separates a spiritually healthy minister from those who do not report as healthy of a relationship with God? In order to determine this, I took those who endorsed being “Very Satisfied” with their relationship with God and compared them statistically against everyone else. What bubbled to the top in a way that showed…

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Emotional intelligence and leadership

In my frequent work with church leadership teams, I find that a constant challenge for ministers and elders is the way they address the relational dynamics that are constantly present in a congregation. When all is said and done, a critical component of leadership is how to relate to people!

One way to explore this critical aspect of leadership…

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How are our ministers’ families doing and what sort of effect is ministry having on the families of our ministers? Along with that, how are our ministers’ doing in their own relationship with God and what seems to affect that? Last, how healthy are our ministers in their ministry? What can they do to help themselves become healthier and what can congregations and leadership do to help? We tackle…

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How healthy are our ministers? We asked them a variety of questions to determine various aspects of their health. This post reports the findings on their physical and mental health of our ministers and how this relates to and impacts other areas of their overall health (relational, spiritual, ministerial, etc).

Physical Health

How long has it been since you have seen a doctor?

Average time = 25 months Max…

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Over the last few years the discussions I have had with other ministers has led me to believe that we are in a period of time that is vitally important to the future of the church. The thing that has led me to believe that is the amount of ministers I talk with who are tired. They are approaching burn out. They need some support but don’t always have…

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One of my professors this year stated that theologians see something wrong in the world and try to right it, or write it, I would add. I certainly don’t plant myself in any capacity as a theologian by any means, but I have seen enough of something wrong that alarms me to the core. I want to flip the on-switch on a spotlight upon a critical issue. I have…

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It wasn’t that long ago I unearthed an old journal of mine.

Journaling is something I’ve attempted at several points in my life, but it never took.  So it was no surprise when I opened it and saw only three entries dated 2002, 2004 and 2006. They included phrases like “real hope,” “please give me real transformation” and “God help me!” You see, 2001 was the beginning of an almost-decade…

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In the book of Deuteronomy, Israel’s choices are laid before them. They stand at a crossroads where they can choose death and destruction or life and prosperity. But what does it mean to truly choose life?

Like Israel, we also choose for ourselves whom we will serve. We can turn away and worship false gods or we can choose to follow the one…

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There is a growing interest in the health of our ministers. Over the last few years I have seen this conversation crop up in several significant places. I believe this is the case because there are many ministers who are either facing burnout or who want to prevent ever getting to that place.

There are a few places I am seeing this resurgence of interest. First is personal experience. The…

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If a minister intends to persevere and minister well into the future, a commitment to one’s own overall health is a must. Far too many ministers started well and then managed to self-destruct.  When a minister self-destructs, everyone loses.

To keep from self-destructing, one has to be very intentional about one’s spiritual, emotional, relational, mental, and physical health.

The following are four practices which may be helpful and might even be essential for any church…

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