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Archives for 107 – Our Weakness and God’s Power

The gospels, at their best, haunt me.

What I mean, is that they have this way sometimes of lingering after I’ve read them. They echo around in the back of my head. They seem to point to something just outside of my field of vision, as though I could see it clearly if I just turned my head quick enough. The gospels nag me.

One haunting text that has nagged me…

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We are dust.

We know the weaknesses of our broken lives.

We express our deepest hurts through painful sighs and tears.

This is the human condition in the creation that seems so empty, futile, and useless. Our present lives are an enigma, and they are often absurd. Sometimes there are no words, and often there are not enough tears. And it rarely makes any “sense.”

The creation groans. Embroiled in a process of…

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The World Cup’s in full swing in Brazil. To most people, this is the greatest sporting event on earth. Correction: It’s the greatest event (not just sporting) for most of our planet. For what other reason would one billion people tune in to watch 11 guys from Croatia or Ivory Coast?

But it’s unimportant to most Americans. Since we’re not great at it and have never won it, many don’t…

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The Shepherds Network, which was created in 2011, is an outreach of Harding School of Theology.  Their goal is to encourage church leaders and their wives, while providing additional resources to enhance their service to the local church and the Kingdom of God.  Shepherds Networks have been hosted in Memphis, with the exception of a northwest connection that was hosted…

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As far as I’m concerned, we need to pay more attention to the story of Moses. Most of us are quite aware of the facts of the story though we usually leave out some of the coolest parts (such as Moses single handedly taking on a bunch of nomadic raiders to save the pretty girls at the well) and rarely tell our kids he was a difficult man to…

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This month’s theme is “Our Weakness and God’s Power.” It’s a vital topic, and how the church should relate to politics is particularly important for today’s church.

The Churches of Christ, as a denomination, have long avoided politics, being heavily influenced by David Lipscomb’s Civil Government. Lipscomb, who lived through the horrors of the Civil War in Nashville, argued…

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In my Gospel and Cultures class while at Rochester College, Mark Love often reminded us that the gospel is born on the margins of society. Jesus was born in a barn to a “lowly” woman. His ministry begins in Galilee, not Judea. He chooses blue collar workers to join His movement and later lead it. He shares a table with thieves and whores, the broken and poor, the…

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As God’s people waited for the Messiah, their expectations rose, especially as their situation grew worse with occupation of Israel by Rome.  They began to dream of a Messiah who would lead powerfully in the same manner as King David, the warrior who slew his tens of thousands, and in the manner of his son, Solomon, who built the grand Temple in Jerusalem.  They dreamed of a leader who…

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Church leaders have a hard time admitting their weaknesses.

I suppose everyone does. No one likes to have their vulnerabilities exposed and their misalignment with God uncovered. Church leaders, though, have a few distinct reasons:

1. Many people in the pew like the idea of a flawless pastor – or at least one whose flaws are minimal, like s/he overeats at potluck. 2. It helps with book deals and speaking…

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In the words of the late Rich Mullins, “we are not as strong as we think we are…”

This issue is dedicated to humility in our weaknesses and the certainty that, although we talk a good game…when we get on the field we aren’t nearly as adept as we would like to think we are. And here’s the good news. That’s when God steps in. When God steps in that’s…

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