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Archives for 103 – Social Media and Christian Faith

One of my favorite tasks as a minister of the Manhattan Church of Christ is leading our annual women’s retreat.  Last year our theme was “Space to be Still in the Chaos of Life.”  We spent a lot of our time talking about the way technology has taken away the free spaces in our lives and the negative implications for our emotional and spiritual well-being. I went home feeling…

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Donald Miller’s recent compositions about why he doesn’t go to church have clearly struck a nerve within the Christian blogosphere. A flood of responses, most of them feverishly trying to explain why it’s actually a good idea to go to church, have poured forth.

It’s been a pretty interesting conversation.  For the record, I like Donald Miller’s work. I’ve used and recommended a couple of his books. I think he…

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A couple of new things have gone live over the last few weeks. The first is the ministry job board. On this board churches who are looking for a minister can post minister job descriptions so that ministers and churches can be informed and networked. Our prayer is that God will use this service to benefit many congregations over the years. Many thanks to Brad Palmore for getting…

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Much of what is written on the Internet about churches and social media is targeted toward big churches, big enough to have meetings about “branding” and “marketing.” Big enough to hire pros to help with their branding efforts.

Most Churches of Christ are 200 members or less and have only one or two ministers on staff. These churches aren’t trying to be Saddleback, but they have needs that social media…

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This was written by Jake Jacobson and Jonathan Storment, preaching intern and preaching minister at the Highland Church of Christ.

“The Internet is a Gift from God” –Pope Francis”

“He apparently hasn’t scrolled down to the comments yet.” –Steven Colbert

A few years ago the head of the Catholic Church in England took a stand against the next wave of sin. 
It wasn’t homicide, abortion, or drugs. The sin this…

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Repeat after me: “Social media is neutral.”

The image above (the source of which I am having trouble locating; I can’t remember where I first saw it floating around the Internet) is a humorous reminder that our knee-jerk reactions to new technology are often found – in hindsight – to be unnecessarily alarmist.

It is particularly ironic that I am writing this because, as my husband (or really, anyone who knows…

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You sit down for dinner in a nice restaurant. Across from you there are two couples, one young and the other old. The young couple is talking away…not a moment of silence between them. The old couple sits together with one very noticeable difference…less talk, more silence.

Maturity leads to security: It is easy to think the young couple is more in love because they have so much more to talk…

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Popular Reformed author and blogger Adrian Warnock and I recently had a conversation to discuss what Christians need to know about the online world — including social media.

There are moral and spiritual dimensions to reading and posting online. Consequently, God’s people need to be attuned to His ways as it applies to social media, blogging, email, etc.

Adrian and I recorded our conversation with him in England and I…

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Shame. That is what I felt when I finally came out of my fog of denial and admitted to myself how deeply I had let the roots of social media to grow into my sense of self. Shame and revulsion. Something had to change. I had begun to chase the fix that came with every retweet, share, “like” or “favorite.” I found myself getting anxious if I posted something…

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Recently, Christian author and popular blogger Rachel Held Evans sent out an observation and question on Twitter.

Rachel’s observation was that nearly every Christian blogger of her acquaintance was getting burnt out.

And her follow-up question was simple: Why was this happening?

It’s a question worth pondering. Why are many Christians getting burnt out on social media?

There are lots of answers to that question. I expect many of us have pledged to…

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