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Archives for 129 – Textual Theme: The Gospels

I have often wrestled God down by the river…and everywhere else. There was a time in my life where I wasn’t sure He was there. Truth be told, I hoped He wasn’t anywhere at all. A great deal of my inner conflicts would be resolved or put at rest if I could be certain there was no God.

Those conflicts revolved around two main centers of angst: the “gotcha” nature…

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What are the gospels for? Have you wondered that?

In some churches, they’re mainly for Sunday school. The gospels are full of great stories for the kids to do crafts with. The little ones can cut out tiny loaves and fishes, lower paralyzed pipe-cleaner figures through cardboard roofs, sing songs about the twelve apostles. The ever-smiling, white-robed Jesus is a comforting, happy figure for our children to grow up with.


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Come hear the word of the Lord when students, church leaders and all interested from around the world, meet on the ACU campus to engage in thoughtful and timely conversations about faith and life at ACU Summit 2016. This year’s theme: Love God, Love Your Neighbor: Living the Greatest Commandments is as relevant as when Jesus spoke these words to his followers in the…

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Like last month we continue into May with a textual theme. This time we will focus on the Gospels. There are so many nuances in the Gospels…rocks to turn over, things to uncover, etc. How many times have you read a familiar passage in the Gospels only to gain an insight that had been sitting there all along?

Let us share with each other from the rich texts that we…

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