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Dimensions of leadership

The noted theologian Jürgen Moltmann remarked that in “every period the church has a duty to be clear about its commission, its situation and its goal.”1 These three things – mission, context and purpose – are very significant for congregational leaders. And each of these things can quickly and easily be lost in the rapidly changing world we inhabit.

Mission – The…

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Stoicism is one route to pseudo-peace. Making yourself indifferent to the world around you might numb the senses and the mind but it does not bring true peace. True peace doesn’t come through indifference. True peace is found in the tension of living in and through difficult, even dire, circumstances while recognizing that we don’t have to allow those things to make us anxious or afraid.

We are called to…

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I learned to drive years before I got a permit. One of the things I have enjoyed since I was very young was observing the world around me…always watching for how things worked, how people behaved, and trying to figure out my place in it all. I learned to drive when I was very young and I learned it by watching what others were doing. I watched how my…

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Do you struggle to find peace in your life?

Do you struggle to be in tune with the work of the Holy Spirit in your life?

Those two questions go hand in hand.

As Paul contrasts the life controlled by the flesh and the life controlled by the Holy Spirit he shares an insight that allows us to understand why we struggle to find peace. Those who allow their fleshly desires to…

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We live in anxious times. Some in advertising say “sex sells” well, anxiety sells just as well if not better. Our world has upped its game when it comes to producing and transferring anxiety. This is true from parenting to politics.

The good news is that we have a Savior who is not in the anxiety producing business. He doesn’t need anxiety to sell us on his message or to…

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