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There’s been some talk in the last few weeks about the morality of certain political candidates. Wayne Grudem made a case for the morality of voting for Donald Trump. Others have rebutted Grudem’s view. Others have offered their support. But several key issues surrounding morality, Christianity, and politics haven’t been addressed.

The Morality of Government

The biggest obstacle for any biblical argument for a political candidate is…

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Jesus was born into a world steeped in politics. It was a world of governors, kings and emperors. Whether you were a local ruler or a peasant, there was a pecking order and it paid to know your spot in the food chain.

As Jesus went about his ministry he had a way of upsetting the religious authorities of his day because…

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I have done an awful lot of really cool things in the name of evangelism in an effort to tell people about Jesus. I worked with a church that put our information on those coupon cards that travelling baseball teams sell and we told our members to give them away to everyone you see in the grocery store, or your place of business, or the gym. We thought that…

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Growing up in the Church of Christ I remember hearing on a number of occasions that we are the church that is found in the book of Acts. It seemed to me then and it seems to me know that Acts has a lot to say about what it means to be the community of faith.

Here is a novel question…

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As we wrap up the February issue I want to spend a few moments considering what the New Testament teaches us about who is in and who is out and how tightly we draw our lines.

The Bible teaches us many things and it is quite important that we pay close attention to what we find in scripture….

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I suggest five (yes, count them, five) modes of visible unity that give expression to the underlying unity of the Spirit among believers. These practices not only exhibit the unity of the Spirit but are also means by which the Spirit dynamically works among believers for unity. The Spirit acts through them to manifest the unity the Spirit has already achieved. At the same time these practices are also…

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There are a lot of issues that are talked about these days in Churches of Christ. Most of these issues are not actually new issues. Many of them have been talked about for generations. I am talking about everything from women’s roles to how we worship to how we read and interpret the Bible. These issues are getting more and…

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Every year around this time churches sing a gorgeous four-part song titled Magnificat. In the a capella Churches of Christ, in which I dwell, this is one composition which shows the magnificence of blended voices. Its a building blend of alto, bass, tenor, and soprano. When it is done well there aren’t many songs, a capella or otherwise, quite so stirring.


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It seems like race has always been an issue when it comes to faith. I don’t mean to start off on a bleak note because I think there is a lot of hope and I think it has been the voice of Christians at various times in history (including the present one) that have been a very positive force for…

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In 1967, Jim Morrison and the Doors sang what would become a popular and enduring song: People Are Strange.

Indeed. I have met some of them. To some, I probably am one of them.

People are strange. Aren’t we all?

Aside from the debate over who is strange and why they are, the lyrics themselves are haunting. As you read them, I wonder if you hear the echoes of the Gospel?

People are strange…

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