These forums are a place to have open discussions on a variety of topics. We hope that you are encouraged by your conversations here as we seek to engage one another in healthy Christian dialog with Christ-like attitudes. May God richly bless your time here.


General discussion forum
– buy, sell and trade books with other Wineskins readers.
Church Leadership – Discuss issues salient to church leadership, eldership, shepherding, vision, and direction
Biblical text study – A place to ask questions and give answers regarding difficult or interesting passages of scripture. Let us know what you are studying!
Theology – A place to connect through discussing theological studies
Missions & Church Planting – Discussion on effective forms of outreach
Preaching – Discuss preaching with other preachers: topics, series, style, and resources
Book and Product Reviews – A place to talk about the latest book you are reading and get recommendations from others.
Children’s Ministry – A place to discuss the latest approaches in children’s ministry. Share your stories and experiences, ask your questions and share new ideas!
Youth and Family Ministry – Discuss what is working and what isn’t, share resources, etc with fellow youth ministers.
Small Groups – This forum is devoted to the discussion of running and facilitating effective small group ministry.
Worship/Worship Leading – Space to discuss what is working, share ideas, ask questions, and connect with other worship leaders.