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    Just finished reading Peterson’s memoir on his 29 years of ministry in Maryland. I read it with 2 other ministers who I meet with weekly for accountability, encouragement, and challenging. I didn’t choose the book; I almost, I hate to admit, didn’t want to like the book. But I very much loved it once I finished it. One of the other ministers remarked that one of the greatest take-aways was that it gave pastors permission to be pastors, much in the same way Eldredge’s “Wild At Heart” gave men permission to be men.

    It reads like a novel. It’s encouraging & inspiring. Peterson has his own soapbox issues, but they aren’t annoying. It’ll make you wanna be a better minister. I recommend it.

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    I love Peterson…

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    Matt Dabbs

    I thought I had this book but turns out it is “Pastor” by Willimon. I haven’t read either one. What else goes on your list of must read books on pastoral ministry?

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    Good question. I’d put both Peterson’s and Willimon’s book on such a list. I’m only just getting into Keller’s “Center Church” but I gather that it belongs on such a list. “Purpose Driven Church,” also. There are probably more I’m not thinking of.

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