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    Eddie Lawrence

    I’ve been pondering the idea of law as it pertains to the Christian. To be “under” law means that a person is subject to the power and authority of the law to judge and condemn anyone who breaks it. The NT portrays Christians as being under grace in such a way that law has no such power over us. So in that sense, I would conclude that Christians are NOT under any law.

    Yet, there must be law of some kind or it would not be possible for the Christian to sin. Where there is no law there is no transgression (Rom 4:15). Christians still sin so there must still be law. Is it that there is still a law and because of it we sin when we break it, but nevertheless we will not be condemned by it as long as we walk in the Spirit (Rom 8:4)?

    If so, what is that law? Is it the “Law of Christ”? Does the NT ever give a clear definition of what the Law of Christ is?

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    Matt Dabbs

    Great question Eddie. Law is used in various ways in scripture. Often it means the Law of Moses (Torah). James 1:25 talks about the law of liberty. Romans 6:14-15 talks about our freedom from the requirements of the Law of Moses as the regulating principle in our lives and instead we live under grace. And yet Paul was quick to point out in Romans 6:1 that living under grace does not mean we are free to live however we choose. Romans 6 reminds us that we died to the old way of life and have been raised to walk in a new, united with Christ, way of life that needs to be in line with the Spirit rather than with the flesh (Rom 8).

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