My Comforter, My All in All…

This winter has been colder than most. Those who heat by electric or gas are probably seeing a big difference in their bills. We see it in a mostly depleted fire wood shed because, we heat our house entirely by burning logs in a wood stove. It puts out lots of heat, and some places […]

The Work of the Holy Spirit

Jacob wrestled with God…the Restoration Movement has wrestled with the Holy Spirit. Generally speaking, we have been a movement fond of absolutes. Traditionally and historically we have been a very logical and analytical movement that has put great emphasis on knowledge. Even though God is beyond our comprehension, we have still felt more comfortable with […]

Seeing the Spirit

For many the Holy Spirit is an impersonal, imperceptible, and indiscernible force.  Cloaked in mystery, many find it difficult to “get a handle” on the Spirit. The Spirit has no “face” like Jesus nor any personal metaphors, such as parent or husband, like Israel’s God. Our desire, of course, is not so much to control […]