Did You Know We Have a World Convention?

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worldconventionDid you know we had a World Convention?

For eighty-four years, God has worked through the World Convention to connect Christians, Disciples, and Churches of Christ globally every day. Stories of recent connections through the World Convention include:

• A Kenyan minister, greatly discouraged by his experiences with western missionaries found fellow believers in his country through the World Convention who encouraged him to continue his service through churches and a Christian school.
• A congregation in Australia joined a congregation in Brazil in celebrating the Great Communion together.
• Churches in Brazil are partnering with Korean churches to plant new Korean speaking congregations in Brazil.

The list goes on and on of God’s work of uniting his people for action around the world.

The Preamble to the World Convention Constitution gives the mission of the organization:

In Christ, all are reconciled to God and to each other, and in the Spirit, God calls us to proclaim this good news throughout the world. World Convention (Christian-Churches of Christ-Disciples of Christ) embodies and encourages fellowship, understanding, and common purpose within this global family of churches and relates them to the whole Church for the sake of unity in Christ Jesus.

Why do our churches need World Convention?

• Because (despite the name), World Convention is not an event but an everyday ministry.
• Because we are the only structure that provides an identity for our movement globally. World Convention is not an event but an everyday ministry that connects our churches worldwide. Without World Convention, many of our churches would only focus on their local congregation. Others might have regional, state, or national structures. But we are the only organization whose purpose is to build up fellowship, understanding, and common purpose within the Christian-Churches of Christ-Disciples of Christ global family. No doubt God’s church will continue without that global understanding, but how much more can we work with Him to bring in the kingdom if we have that global identity.
• Because World Convention is also the only ministry that gives all of our churches, including Churches of Christ and Christian Churches, a seat at the table with other Christian groups. It is so important to have that seat. There we can learn from our brothers and sisters. There we can voice the insights God has given our churches. There we can facilitate work together in the name of Jesus. A seat at the table. That’s what World Convention provides.
• Because of the specific fruit that God provides through World Convention. Fruit like our Global Gathering every four years for fellowship, encouragement, and partnership in ministry. We are overjoyed to announce that our next Global Gathering will be in India, likely in 2017. More details on that meeting will be forthcoming. The World Convention board also elected Ajai Lall as its new President. Ajai is the founder of Central India Christian Mission. For more on his work see http://indiamission.org/ and https://vimeo.com/84273044.

God is at work! To know more about us, see worldconvention.org

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