freely-10076-preview-973x649Over the last few years I have finally learned that I do not have the authority to change someone’s mind. I don’t have enough logic or reason to ensure someone will change their mind. There is one thing I can do. I can pray. When it comes to having theological disagreements with people I am trying to pray for every single person I talk with. I am trying to pray more than discuss because only God has the authority to help change a heart or a mind.

When I do this, surprising things often happen. One of those things is this realization – Often the heart and mind that actually needs changed is my own rather than the person I am talking with and the only way to come to that realization is to pray.

The next time you are having a theological disagreement whether it is online or in person, stop for a moment and pray for the other person. Then pray for yourself. Last, pray that in all of what is said and done that ultimately God would receive the glory. This helps us temper our words and our attitudes to be more like Jesus. It is hard to pray for someone and attack them at the same time. So let’s spend as much or more time praying and we do discussing and disagreeing. We might finally realize that there is as much or more going on that is eternally significant about the relationship than there is about the issue being discussed.

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