Commentary Recommendations & Resources: Leviticus

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Robert Alter – The Art of Biblical Narrative
This is a must read book for those studying the Old Testament. Alter is one of my favorite Old Testament scholars and this book will give you a lot of insight on how to read and understand the Old Testament by digging into how stories are told and meaning conveyed through narrative. This is a must have book and a must read book on the Old Testament.

Robert Alter – The Five Books of Moses: A Translation with Commentary *DEAL*
Alter has a series of books where he translates the Old Testament books and gives short insights on various points of the text. The insights are extremely useful and you can often catch the underlying Hebrew meaning better in his translation than you will in most modern English translations. His book on Genesis is the exact same content on Genesis included in this book. So don’t buy both! This is very inexpensive and a must read book.

L. Michael Morales – Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord (New Studies in Biblical Theology)
This book connects Leviticus to the rest of the Pentateuch with connections that are stunning and solid. Definitely worth reading!


Goldingay – Exodus & Leviticus for Everyone
This is a great entry level book for a study of Exodus and one that I would recommend to a Bible class teacher who is prepping to teach.

Levine – Leviticus (JPS Torah Commentary)
This is a highly technical commentary on the Greek text.

Hartley – Leviticus (Word Biblical Commentary)
This is also a technical commentary and one that I believe is more thorough than the JPS above.

Milgrom – Leviticus (Continental Commentary)
This is a scaled down version of his more extensive 3 volume work in the Anchor Bible series. Well, really the two take different approaches. Here Milgrom goes through the entire book, listing themes and selecting texts for each theme.

I have heard that Balentine in Interpretation is really good as well but I haven’t ever used it.

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