Saved By Barbarians

My wife and I just got back from three days at Scotfest, the largest gathering of its kind in the United States. This annual celebration of all things Scottish and Irish (to be fair, it was about 80% Scottish) takes place in Estes Park, Colorado at an elevation of 9100ft. The setting is spectacular in […]

Francis Schaeffer on the Politics of Peace and Affluence

“With such values, will men stand for their liberties? Will they not give up their liberties step by step, inch by inch as long as their own personal peace and prosperity is sustained and not challenged, and as long as the goods are delivered? The life-styles of the young and the old generations are different. […]

Modernism, Postmodernism, Deconstructing Authority, the Church and Politics

In a recent post I mentioned how the naivete of modernism was shattered when the dream of a logic-driven, rationalistic utopia was dashed to pieces when that same logic and reason and produced something as deadly effective as the atomic bomb. It turned out logic and reason did not always take us “higher” (that came […]

We Preach Christ Crucified

Christians today are constantly bombarded with the latest ministry strategies, cultural and generational studies, and theological controversies.  It is important to pay attention to these proposals, but without a strong theological compass these varying voices can easily lead to uncertainty, frustration, and exhaustion.   With the approach of Good Friday and Easter it is helpful […]

Ain’t No Rock

This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday. The week before Easter. For those who don’t follow the Christian calendar, Psalm Sunday may not mean as much as the Sunday that follows. But Palm Sunday is important.  And maybe more so than you realize. Where I preach, we will be handing out palm branches. They have symbolized […]

It’s Life, Not Magic

I like watching magicians, especially the great Penn and Teller. I’m not one of those who gets frustrated wanting to know how they did it; I just enjoy the surprise and skill of the trick. There is an amazing amount of thought, preparation and practice in a magic trick and you have to get it […]

I See Color…But What Can I Do?

Recently a ”good, Jesus -loving” gentleman came to me after one of my English Dominant Latino presentations and said to me “Hector, I don’t see color.” I answered “Wow your sunsets must be boring!” I was not trying to be offensive or trite, it’s just that God made us different colors and we should recognize […]

How to Survive An Election Year

I saw a sweet, elderly lady Sunday morning and asked how she was doing. She replied that she couldn’t complain. But she didn’t stop there. She grinned and added, “Oh, I could! But I’m choosing not to.” I want to be more like her. We could all whine about the state our nation is in […]

Take Me To Your Leader

In the old Sci-Fi movies and comic books of my youth, every time an alien stepped out of their spaceship, their first words (inexplicably in English) were, “Take me to your leader.” Since there’s never been alien actual landing of space aliens (my apologies to Roswell and X Files fans), we really don’t know what […]

March Theme: Christianity and Politics

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen posts on social media start with, “I don’t normally talk politics, but…” It seems the current political condition in the United States is not looked upon favorably by many and is inspiring many to write about something they typically avoid. Some fear that this is […]

February Wrap Up: What Constitutes Lines of Fellowship?

As we wrap up the February issue I want to spend a few moments considering what the New Testament teaches us about who is in and who is out and how tightly we draw our lines. The Bible teaches us many things and it is quite important that we pay close attention to what we […]

The <i>Gospel Advocate</i> on Unity of the Spirit

[JFG: I apologize for the length of the article, but it seemed best to present this information in a single setting, as it all ties together so closely. A draft of this article was sent to the authors of the articles mentioned prior to publication with an offer of an opportunity to respond here and a request […]

Alexander Campbell and the Pharisaic Unity Plan

It seems as if the heritage of Stone & Campbell is forever in the throes of division. It is an odd and terrible truth to admit. You might think that for a tradition that claims to be a “people of the Book” that the very mention of division would be tantamount to heresy. The Gospel […]