How to Survive An Election Year

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I saw a sweet, elderly lady Sunday morning and asked how she was doing. She replied that she couldn’t complain. But she didn’t stop there. She grinned and added, “Oh, I could! But I’m choosing not to.” I want to be more like her.

We could all whine about the state our nation is in and the direction it is taking. We could share horror stories. We could wallow in joint commiseration. We could tear each other down and walk away feeling empty and hopeless. And the Devil would love it.

Fear Not.

Whatever your thoughts are on the election, thus far, there are some things we need to remember. Our enemy uses everything he can to distract us from our mission. Look back on your Facebook feed a year or so ago and check out the trending story. Something dominated the news. Something that threatened our safety. Something that was going to steal our rights. Something so ridiculous and horrible that you couldn’t believe we were even facing it.

Church, when are we going to realize that we’re being swindled? We’re being sold the lie that that we are hopeless and helpless and for some reason, we’re buying it. Right now, it’s our neighbor’s candidate. They’re going to be the end of our civil liberties. He or she is going to destroy all that we hold dear. We’re doomed if they are elected. They will destroy this great nation. They will be the end of America.

The truth of the matter is that we actually are in crisis. We were the second sin entered the picture. Famine, war, abuse, disease, destruction. The list could go on but you get the picture. We’ve got to quit getting so sidetracked with the smoke and mirrors of Satan that we forget the truth, our neighbor needs Jesus and it’s our job to make him look good. We can’t worry, complain and bash those around us and then try to preach the hope and joy found in the Christ. We’ll never be taken seriously.

Think Jesus.

Stop stirring up drama on social media. You are children of the Creator of the Universe. What do you have to fear? Your God has promised that he will never leave or forsake you regardless of what you face. He is a God who keeps his promises. Turn off the fuss. Quit watching the spectacle. Refuse to give what is happening in the world the authority to intimidate you. You have the power of the Christ living within you. The same power that crushed the grave is alive and well inside of you. Stop quenching the Spirit. Set your mind on things above.

Salvation was found at a cross, not a voting booth.

I’m thankful to live in a place where I have a small say in who may or may not be elected but salvation has nothing to do with Election Day. It began in a little town in the Middle East not on Wall Street. Lives were changed because of those who followed a rabbi from Galilee not in those who worshiped a political leader. Peace will be found within the Kingdom of God not the Oval Office.

Stop Missing the Good Old Days.

The good old days were those few days before Eve ate the fruit. We weren’t there. We don’t remember. Every moment of time since has been filled with sorrow for someone. Maybe you’ve had a pretty good life but we shouldn’t forget that while we were enjoying the good times our neighbor was mistreated, sick and hurting. The good old days are a myth and we need to stop pining for something that never existed.

Relax and accept your mission.

Go vote if you choose but that’s not why you’re here. Work a caucus if you can but that’s not why you’re here. Stand up for your favorite candidate if you feel the need. Slap on that bumper sticker. Wear that pin proudly but realize that’s not why you’re here. You were called to make disciples. You were called to love your enemy, feed the hungry, visit the imprisoned, clothe the naked, love the unlovable and a make a difference in your little part of the world. Campaigning is easy compared to the task set before you but you were called to greater things and equipped for victory.

Making this country great has nothing to do with who’s elected in November and everything to do with how you treat your neighbor. Even the neighbor who looks, acts and votes differently from you.

It’s ok to be interested. It’s even ok to be concerned. It’s not ok to be terrified. You have nothing to fear. Your hope is alive and reigning and his name is Jesus. Now, go tell someone!

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