Like last month we continue into May with a textual theme. This time we will focus on the Gospels. There are so many nuances in the Gospels…rocks to turn over, things to uncover, etc. How many times have you read a familiar passage in the Gospels only to gain an insight that had been sitting there all along?

Let us share with each other from the rich texts that we find in the four Gospels in the month of May. Feel free to suggest article ideas in the comments on this post!

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  1. Christology in the Gospels
    Is the Word God or is the Word Divine?
    Full humanity of Christ in the Gospels rather than Divine/Human, each at 100%
    The role of KERUSSO in the Gospels
    Jesus and Demons, evil spirits

  2. Good question, John! I certainly don’t see many who are down to the bottom poor, whether in spirit or material goods. Few mourn; even fewer are meek. Hungering and thirsting for righteousness? Not all that hungry or thirsty are we? Merciful? Ask those living on the edge. We see acts of mercy sometimes, but we are also likely to extract a pound of flesh for an ounce or mercy.. Pure in heart? Most Christian’s heart motives are not much different from those of then average American pagan. Far to many of us think peace comes out of the barrel of a gun instead of by walking in the steps of the Prince of Peace. Suffer persecution for righteousness? We scream like crazy when laws forbidding immorality are wiped off the books – and think that’s persecution?

    I guess the presidential race is making me a cynic. For too long we’ve thought political power would save us. We’ve looked for the civic authorities to do the work the kingdom of God is commissioned to do – be the city of light on the hill that cannot be hidden. While doing this, we’ve forgotten how to be what Jesus has called us to be.

  3. Jerry, I like your response. To be totally honest, I feel that the progressive movement in the Church of Christ, as well as in other conservative denominations, has bogged down where things like mercy, peace, meekness are still rationalized and modified in the fear of alienating certain segments of the church.

    1. To clarify my last sentence above, I reword it, “…mercy, peace, meekness are still rationalized and modified to keep from alienating certain segments of the church.” For example, I sometimes sense that old ways of thinking, old prejudices, are tolerated to a degree, for unity’s sake; whereas, more progressive political and social views are seen more so as the enemy.

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