Textual Theme: Paul’s Letters

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What can we learn from the apostle Paul?

We can learn from his letters and the instruction he gave to congregations in the first century. We can learn about unity from 1 Corinthians, the Gospel from Galatians or what it means to be the people of God from Romans. We can learn about joy in suffering from Philippians and how we respond to God’s gracious acts on our behalf from Ephesians. We can learn about reconciliation from Philemon and why Jesus is superior to the Law in Hebrews. Did I get you on that last one? 🙂

In addition to that have more on Paul than just his letters. We have Luke’s account of Paul and his ministry in Acts where we learn his story. Certainly we get the story in a few places in his letters like in Galatians 1 or Philippians 3. We find out about Paul’s faithfulness and his drive. We see his zeal for God and for his mission to the Gentiles through his journeys in Acts and ultimately through his arrest and trials.

What can we learn from the apostle Paul?

We can learn to be patient and even joyful in suffering. We can find out what it means to be a person on a mission. Beyond that we learn so much about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit…how to live in community with other Christians and doctrine.

God has given us a great gift through the life, ministry and letters of Paul that have been preserved through the years for our edification. Let’s talk about Paul during September and see what we can learn from him.

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