The Empathy Turn

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6 or 9Various version of this cartoon have floated around for some time. It is a great illustration of point of view and ultimately empathy. If we would each take a moment to walk around to the other side and look at something from a new angle we might not only come to a better understanding of an issue but we might also come to be a better understanding of and relationship with another person. What is true, right and wrong matter. So does loving and being considerate of others, even those we don’t see eye to eye with. Proving our point doesn’t have to come at the expense of another and destroying another person doesn’t make your position more appealing.

For some of us sensitive, analytical types confusion can lead to frustration and frustration is often taken out on the source. It is important that we slow ourselves down enough not only to try to understand if it truly is a 6 or a 9…both or neither…and make sure that in the way we handle the situation we don’t toss the fruit of the Spirit or the other person out the window in an effort to defend our rightness. We might just have something to learn that we hadn’t considered that we won’t learn until we walk around to the other side and give it a look. It actually strengthens our position if we have taken the time to consider alternatives and still come out holding to our original belief or a modified version of it. The truth has nothing to fear and neither should our relationships.

Let us consider things with someone rather than against them and that doesn’t mean you have to end up agreeing. We will all be better for it.

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