Hey 40-somethings, 50-somethings, 60-somethings. All you guys closer to my age than my kid’s age. We need to have a chat. Get off the young people’s backs. Quit using the word millennial as a derogatory term. Stop it. Stop sharing articles about how terrible they are. Stop criticizing your younger brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s a sin and Paul warned Timothy about people like you (I Timothy 4:12).

If you really care about the church and want to help the next generation win, then go out and meet them. Have a cup of coffee with them. Hang out with them, mentor them, and love them. Let them see how much you love the Lord. Get out of your comfort zone but be advised, we find out who we really are when we do and that may scare you a little bit but that’s a good thing.

The millennials I know are in places you wouldn’t even dream of going telling others about Jesus. They are on the front lines of this Kingdom, courageous, and on fire for the Lord. They don’t have time to criticize the other generations because they’re too busy making a difference in theirs.

I really don’t understand how we can treat a group of people the way we have and then turn around and wonder why, in some places, they’re leaving the church. So stop that and start sharing the love of Christ.

The church has enough criticizers. Be one of her cheerleaders. Quit complaining about others. Quit pointing fingers and start building bridges. We’re all in this together.

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  1. As a dad of two millennials this very issue gets under my skin the most. I am a baby boomer born in the middle of the boom! I remember how we were viewed by older generations (free love, hippies, draft dodgers, dope smokers, etc., etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseam). Of all generations we should be the first ones to recognize the pure laziness of labels and labeling.

    As you pointed out: the millennials I know have an incredible work ethic, sensitivity toward others, and desire to serve the outcast. Sounds pretty Christ-centered to me. Thank you for posting this. It’s high time we quit looking for scapegoats and start standing shoulder to shoulder with our children in order to serve others in the name of Jesus!

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