2017, Romans 15:4-13 & A Plea for Unity (part 1): Intro

As we leave behind the acrimonious year of 2016, can I make a plea for unity among God’s people in 2017? Paul made a similar appeal in the first century. His letter to the Romans provides us with clear markers for how to get there. In particular, Romans 15:4-13 is a text that summarizes the complex message […]

December 2016 E-News from the Siburt Institute

Nuremberg Funnel: Re-envisioning the work of leadership In their newly published book Teaching and Christian Imagination, authors David I. Smith and Susan M. Felch present a common image that satirically exposes the limitations of mechanical knowledge acquisition.1 In Europe – particularly in Germany – the image is called the Nuremberg Funnel. Imagine a funnel stuck into someone’s […]

Prayer for 2017

Let this be the year we forgive a grudge. Let this be the year we live in more peace and less angst. Let us construct a bridge where a mighty wall once stood. Let us love each other without condition. Let us accept one another unequivocally. Let us be Jesus representatives on foot and in […]