When I was a baby, my Mom sang this song to me, which I now sing to my son….

“Jesus loves the little children

All the children of the world

Red and yellow, black and white

They are precious in His sight

Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

I had a gorgeous dream this week. We were holding hands walking into a new land. Children were all around, from all places in the world, singing and smiling. It was a painfully beautiful dream, full of colors and joy which abound…the kind you don’t want to wake up from because the perfection is so tantalizing.

Fast forward to today; my son is eight years old today. I delivered doughnuts early in the morning to his classroom at his request; the birthday boy had asked for chocolate doughnuts with sprinkles for twenty-one kids.

My heart was filled to the brim seeing him interacting with his new friends, a glorious mix of races and religions. My favorite part was when his best friends rallied around him, and he asked to have their picture made. One little boy yelled out, “Peace!”

I quickly realized that my dream was happening in real time! Here were kids of all backgrounds loving each other….

I don’t want to ever lose sight that there is, at times, heaven on earth.



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  1. Two years ago at Halloween, our then 6 year old son and his best friend were both going to the school Halloween party as superman. His friend is Hispanic. Our son asked Missy and I how we were going to be able to tell them apart since they were both going in the same costume. Precious boy. Let us never lose that.

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