Back to the Basics

Growing up we heard Bible basics quite a bit. I don’t know about you but it has been a while since I have heard many of those teachings. Sometimes I wonder if we went over those things so many times that some of us got tired of hearing them while others got tired of teaching […]

God Creed, Jesus Creed: Center and Circumference of Christian Faith

I have come to believe two passages of Scripture, actually three, from the Hebrew Bible sum up the entire biblical faith both in terms of what/who is the object of our faith and what we are to do. These texts state what 1) we believe, the God Creed 2) we do, the Jesus Creed God […]

Bivocatonal ministers, are they some sort of step-brother preacher?

Bivocational, it’s a term that not everyone is familiar with. It means to work two jobs simultaneously or to serve in two vocations at once. When applied to pastoral work, it is to serve in a church and to support oneself financially with some supplemental income from a secular occupation. Does this lifestyle have pros […]

The Pendulum Just Keeps Swinging

Mankind has a penchant for pushing pendulums. It is hard to leave them along long enough for them to settle out in the middle. Middle ground is hard to hold. Some contrary person who can’t seem to leave well enough alone always seems to come along and give that pendulum a push in one direction […]