Noise: The Injection of Negativism

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Recently I made a dramatic change; I opted out of various social media and news sites
because of one reason. This was injecting negativism into my life on a daily, sometimes
hourly basis. We reside in a highly-reactive society, mostly non-reflective online culture. No
matter what we say, as positive as it may be, someone somewhere will come along and throw a
landmine in it. Suddenly our beautiful moment with our thoughts becomes a sitting duck for
someone who woke up in a bad mood. I decided to expel the negativity, in a bonfire of goodbye.

After a week, I already feel so much lighter and brighter, and more peaceful to be sure.
Nowadays, I can’t give space to minus signs. I strive for the plus signs. The arrows up,
not down, the green lights, not the red. Life is complicated enough as it is from the minute we
awake. It need not be further complicated with the choice I was making to look at upsetting
things. Also, notably, I’ve felt much closer to God as well. I’ve sensed the presence of God much
more since ditching the noise. There is no substitute for peace of mind, rather than others giving
us a piece of their online mind.

What would God say about this transformation? I know Jesus as a pastoral presence, a
gentle calm. I have to believe God wants a noise-reducer on my life. Perhaps the presence I’ve
felt was that confirmation.

So, I inquire, what can we unplug in our daily lives to plug in more to
what truly matters? We don’t have to join a monastery to find quiet. It’s a matter of searching out
small ways that add up to less noise. This seems impossible in our app-obsessed society that
seems to primarily function on a USB port. But the world doesn’t turn on an iPhone; it turns on
the axis created by God.

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