Harbor (Pepperdine Bible Lectures) Audio on the Holy Spirit

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Pepperdine Bible lectures, now known as Harbor, concluded this past weekend and the audio is now up in itunes. The theme was on “The Spirit Filled People of God” and the classes were excellent. I would like to highlight the keynotes in particular: Rick Atchley, Don McLaughlin and Josh Ross. Their lectures were life-changing and have already impacted my daily routine. There were other keynotes that I am sure were equally good but I wasn’t able to attend them or listen to them yet. Check those out too! I would also recommend Don McLaughlin’s classes as well as Scot McKnight’s. Houston Heflin taught a very practical class “Pray Like You Breathe” on Breath Prayer (that is also the title of his very helpful book that came out last year). I hesitate to mention my own class but I believe the material I covered on Social Media has the potential to transform a lot of our more difficult online conversations. I talked about the psycho-somatic, spiritual and emotional factors that combine with the social media platform itself to make conversation difficult and then talked about how this creates the perfect resistance to make online conversation a spiritual discipline and how to go about it as such (currently audio #98).

Here is the link. I hope you enjoy this virtual, free library of resources on the Holy Spirit.

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