The Imago Dei

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There is a really poignant visualization in the Bible that I’ve learned in Divinity School after four decades plus of being churched. A picture of a thousand sentiments in one single, finger-snap shot. It is the image of the Imago Dei, of which the literal definition is “image of God.” If we are to hold high regard for the Genesis account, we read in 1:27 that “God created man in his own image.” Just fathom the gravity of those words. Humanity is not a prototype of God, but rather made in the image of the Creator. This isn’t cookie-cutter business. God is not the
cutter and whereby we are the dough where God’s edges cut through. That would imply a replica, or copy, which would be beyond incredible in itself. No, God ensures we would know we are actually, physically, metaphysically, emotionally, and spiritually made in God’s own image. This is a seven-word description to stop us in our tracks.

Because if we are feeling the essence of the Imago Dei, we have a giant reason not to doubt our worth. Because if we are reeling inside of the Imago Dei, we have an ordained gift to show up as our full, authentic selves. Because if we truly believe what is written, we will roll in the Imago Dei imagery like a happy, panting dog in the summer mud. And if we adhere to the language as writ, we will treat everyone as if they too are made in the image of God. We will not, not, judge another human by their skin tone, background, religious preferences, culture, or country of birth. Let us bring the birthplace of Creation, the Word of God, the womb of Genesis into our own hearts so that we may indeed treat one another as equals.

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