Walking By Faith

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Faith is the world-changer intended for you, for me…for we. Anytime some form of the word “believe” is used, it is always from the base that some element is not existing at the moment; yet can become. Super-Natural!

Faith seems to have lost its thrust as we toss it about nonchalantly as a spiritual term…without genuine expectation. Believing is the evidence of things hoped for; the conviction of things not seen.

I encourage you to step up your game. Stop reading the negatives visible to your eyes. Lift your perspective up and into the world of fortune that sits behind the appearance side of the curtain.

Live in new vision.

Years (decades) ago I wrote a book about the Holy Spirit working in our lives. I sent the manuscript off to one brotherhood publisher after another. Rejection. “It would cost us business”, were their words.

Alton Howard, though, of Howard Publishing read the manuscript and immediately published it. The book still sells…thirty/five years later.

Faith isn’t an agreement inventory among timid friends. God will often call us into zones highly questioned by some closest to us. Faith isn’t proof of what is. Rather it is conviction of something that isn’t yet…but can become.

I encourage you to seek God’s will; His; not yours. Then walk with Him when you don’t seem to find support from any other direction. Don’t let your personal whim be interpreted as God’s call. But do dare to walk blindly into territory where He would have opportunity to bless a nation of people if He could find but one believer.

The Bible is full of such men and women. Do more than read about them. Become like them. To walk by faith is the most threatening, and yet thrilling, charge for each of us.

Frankly, faith scares us. It sounds and looks abnormal. And…it is. It takes great courage to carry this torch that many have restricted to simply one step in the format of many.

Faith…go do what can’t be done. Imagine with the creativity of God…within you. He will supply the results. Our job is to believe that He absolutely can…and will…and does.

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