April’s Theme: Torah

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Twice a year we focus on a particular section of scripture for a month. April’s theme is Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament. This is the foundation of Judaism and ultimately of Christianity as well. The more we get to know Torah, the closer we find ourselves to Jesus. Jesus read Torah and probably regularly prayed portions of it.

Through studying Torah this month we can gain a greater appreciation for the Old Testament and its meaning for our lives today. Jesus said he came to fulfill these things, not to abolish them. If we are interested in Jesus we should be interested in Torah because these are the very things he came to fulfill. Again, the more we get to know Torah, the closer we find ourselves to Jesus.

Torah is also important because of the covenants it contains (with Noah, Abraham and Moses). These are the fundamental building blocks of what we find in the New Testament. Let us gain a rich appreciation for all of scripture as we gain insight on the threads that run through the Scriptures from beginning to end.

As always, please share your thoughts in the comments as we discuss God’s word together.

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