When I picked a topic for my class at Harbor/Pepperdine Bible Lectures I had no idea that I was in for a wild ride. I was embarking on a deeply personal journey that would help me get to the roots of my own issues in ministry and, I believe, the root issue of many of our problems in Churches of Christ. I really don’t think I am projecting my issues on the church when I say that. I think they are intertwined and enmeshed.

I hope this message gets out there, I really do…not because I said it but because I believe it is true and I believe it can help shape a healthier, more robust and mature culture in our churches if we would understand and embrace these lessons.

I had no idea that my OCD father was preparing me for life in ministry. His passing on December 26, 2017 sent me into a very difficult year that resulted in some soul searching and study that God molded into what is said in this video. Please watch and share as you see fit.

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